We’ve been open for distribution for a whole month now – hooray!  Have you seen us?  We’ve done 20 different tasting events in that month at various bars and restaurants around town – check this list to see some of the places we’ve been at.

The question we’re still asked most often is “When are you going to be open?”  To which we usually reply “We ARE open!  For distribution!  You are drinking our beer, see?”  But of course, people really want to know when they can come to our brewery and get a beer.

Well, the tap room still has a few more months of construction to go, but that won’t stop us from granting your wish.

Beginning Wednesday November 19th, we will be open for growler fills, samplings, and merchandise sales at the brewery.  We have a small office area which currently houses a 4-tap cooler that is, at this very moment, filled with Low Bridge Hoppy Golden Ale, Excavator Rye Brown Ale, Hayburner American IPA, and our late fall seasonal Cinnamon Apple Amber Ale.

Tried this beauty yet?

Now, there are only 4 taps for the moment, but there will be fairly frequent rotation on said taps.  We’ve got three different pilot batches (that is, 20 gallons per batch only) going right now, and winter is just around the corner – which has to mean something doesn’t it?  Hmmm.  So, check back often to find out what’s on.

Our hours to start with will be:

Wednesday through Friday 4pm – 7pm
Saturday 11am – 4pm

Our growler prices are 7$ for a 32 oz fill and 12$ for a 64 oz fill; if you’d like to purchase one of our nifty growlers as well, the prices are 3$ for a 32 oz growler and 5$ for a 64 oz growler.  Of course we have shirts, and hats, and hoodies for sale too.  No glassware yet, we’re working on it.  Also, no tours just yet, but we will have them shortly.  We’ll keep you posted, for sure.

We gots merch, y'all!

Yup, and growlers too!

Finally: this is just a temporary solution until the tap room opens.  The tap room will have 8-12 beers on tap at all times, some of them regulars, some of them frequently rotating.  You’ll be able to get a pint, a flight, or a growler fill there; and there will be plenty of food, prepared fresh on premises for you to choose from, much of it sourced locally.  The tap room is still in construction; we’re currently putting the finishing touches on the outside, then it’s on to completing the inside.  We don’t have an opening date yet, but we do get closer every day.  Here’s a fairly recent comparison between our rendition and our progress:


Actual (as of October 31st)

You can check it out for yourself when you come by for a growler fill.  Looking forward to seeing you at the brewery soon!

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