It’s been one month since our first brew day, and we've stayed busy.  We brewed the first batches of all the beers we plan on launching with, and the second batches of each will be done by the end of this weekend.  We are pleased to announce that we are very happy with the quality of the beer we've made.

Corey kegging our first batch
It’s been long enough.  It’s time for you to try some!

The first place you can try our beer is the upcoming Ballpark Brew Bash at Coca-Cola Field this September 20th from 4-8 pm.  We’ll have two beers available in the main concourse area, and a small amount of a third in the VIP area of a very small batch we made months ago in anticipation of opening.  This is one of the year’s best beer events featuring a diverse number of local and national breweries bringing some of the best beer you can get locally and beyond.  Don’t miss it.

The week after the Brew Bash is our favorite week of the year, Buffalo Beer Week.  We’ll be appearing at a number of events during Beer Week, including:

9/25 – Templeton Landing
9/25 - Mister Goodbar with the Buffalo Beer Goddesses
9/26 – Village Beer Merchant
9/26 – Adam Mickiewicz Library
9/27 – Brennan’s Bowery
9/30 – Meet the Brewer with the Buffalo Beer League at Jack Astors
10/1 – Santora’s with Flying Bison and New Buffalo Brewing
10/2 – Hop Kitchen beer pairing dinner at Artisan Kitchens & Baths.  We will be pairing one of our beers with a dish made by SATO.  Several other local breweries and restaurants will be there as well.
10/3 – Premier Gourmet
10/3 – Brickyard BBQ
10/4 – McGarret’s

That’s 11 different places to come meet us and try our beer.  The beer will be on draft, so you can have a pint while you’re hanging with us.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we added more events as Beer Week gets closer, so be sure to check back with us often.

Now – let’s answer a few questions you might have.

1) What beers will you be serving?

As you very well know by now, we love teasing you guys and keeping the suspense up.  Why would we change that now?  Not to worry, we’ll be announcing our beer offerings as well as a bunch of other information next week.  Stay tuned.

2) Does this mean you’re open?

A tougher question.  We’ll begin by appearing at the above events for tastings.  The opening of the brewery for full distribution - that is, when you can freely buy our beers in bars and restaurants around town - will be just a few weeks after that, in October.  We plan on doing a whole bunch of additional appearances on that opening weekend.  We’ll announce the dates of those events in a few weeks as well.

3) Can I come down to your brewery for a pint/flight/growler/tour/office party/charity event/wedding yet?

Construction still continues along at the tap room.  The structural steel is up, the floors will be poured shortly.  We’re hoping for a tap room grand opening in November at this point, and we’ll keep you updated as to the progress as time goes on.

You’ll see a lot more information from us next week.  Yes, it’s taken a long time but we are finally ready to serve Buffalo beer.  We couldn't be more excited.

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