Exciting times here!  We busted our butts over the last month (with help from our landlord Iskalo Development of course) and completed the interior construction on the brewery space.  The finished product:

Damn, that's sexy

Tada!  A thing of beauty isn’t it?

To recap everything that was completed since our last blog post: floors shot-blasted, epoxy and urethane sealer applied (this took a bit longer than we hoped – it was cold and wet enough in May that this stuff just did not want to dry).  We had the steam and glycol header installed, the walls painted, and new lights and space heaters hung.  We also had a window installed on the East Huron side of the building installed, check it out:

Coming soon! Coming soon! Coming soon! Coming soon!
We’ll take the “coming soon” signs down once we’re up and running – you’ll have a fantastic view of the brewery from East Huron at that time.

Once the above was completed, the equipment was installed upright in its final location.  If you haven't seen it yet, here’s a fantastic time-lapse video of the entire installation process from Wes:

Well, what’s left?  Still quite a bit, unfortunately.  Our boiler delivery was delayed, and it’ll take several weeks after it arrives to complete the steam connections to the brewery.  It will also take several weeks to connect up all the electrical.  We need to get a dividing wall up between our brewery and the existing parking lot, so we can get our cooler built, so we can begin receiving in hops and yeast.  Finally, the next month will also include building out our office and lab space.  We plan to serve samples and growlers out of this space until our tap room is open. 

The good news is that we feel fairly confident in broadcasting the following information: we expect to be brewing on our new equipment in July, and we expect to be open in August.  That’s not as soon as we would have liked, but that’s still really, really soon!  Once we start brewing, we’ll have an actual opening date we can transmit – as well as information on our opening day beers.

This is going to be one fantastic summer.  Cheers.

Proud panorama

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