Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  There’s a lot of reasons for that, from the Turkey Trot, to football, to, of course the food.  And then there’s the beer to go with the food – but we won’t spend a lot of time on that, being that you can read about some nice pairings at the turkey table in many other places. 
But the real reason Thanksgiving is my favorite is that it’s all about being thankful.  And this year, we have a lot to be thankful for.
At this time last year, the brewery was a little more than a dream – we thought we had enough money (maybe), but everything else was pretty hazy. 
It’s one year later, and we’re pretty clear on where this is headed.  We’ve got our brewery location, we’ve got our federal brewing permit approved.  Our equipment is being manufactured and will begin arriving soon.  Construction plans are being finalized – in fact, we present our case to the city planning board in just a few days.  We just got fingerprinted by the SLA (good times), and they’ve already completed a second review on our application.
We are getting close.
We are so thankful for all the help we’ve received to get to this point.  Of course, we’ve had help from the city of Buffalo, the developers we’ve been working with, vendors, suppliers.  Our business partners.  But we are really, really thankful for everyone that’s come to one of our tastings… or even better, invited us in for a tasting.  We’re thankful for everyone that wanted to speak with us about what we’re doing over the last year.  We’re thankful for all the new people we’ve met along the way.  And we’re thankful that you’re excited for us, that you’re excited for a new brewery, that you’re excited for what’s ahead for Buffalo. 
We’re not open yet, and there’s no real reason that anyone needs to support us.  But many of you have bought into our vision of making Buffalo a better beer destination. And we thank you.   
Cheers - to you!
Happy Thanksgiving, Buffalo.