We’ve done many tastings and events over the course of the last year or so.  The question we get asked more than any other is: “So, where‘s your brewery?”
To which my (initially witty and probably to this point overdone) response was: “Right now, in Corey’s garage. And, sometimes we’ll mix it up and brew in my kitchen.”
Well, those days are pretty much over.
We are very pleased to announce that our brewery location will be at the corner of Ellicott and Huron streets, in the building formerly known as the Verizon building.  We can finally announce this now that the Buffalo city zoning board has approved our variance. 
We’ll have space setup, as we had always planned, for the brewery of course, as well as a tasting room where you can try – and enjoy – our beers.  We’ll also have some retail space both for beer sales (growlers certainly, possibly kegs), as well as merchandise.
What the brewery looks like... now...
The location is fantastic.  The brewery is two blocks from the Electric Tower.  We’ll be right off the 33, about ¾ of a mile away from the medical campus, and a half a mile away from the ballpark.  Have you been to Tappo yet?  It’s Mike A’s new restaurant.  It’s right across the street from us.  We haven’t even been there yet since it’s so new – oh, but we plan to. 
I had to look back to find out what I had previously written about our intended location:
“We’d really love to be in the city of Buffalo; but we’re also realistic and realize that a better location may not necessarily be within city limits.”
“Our beer is good.  And it does need to exist.  And not just anywhere; we’ve said many times that the only place we would ever want to do this is right here in Buffalo.”
The truth is, we were really, really hoping for a brewery in Buffalo- the fact that its downtown is even more awesome.  Downtown is the core of Buffalo and is being increasingly revitalized every day.  We are extremely proud and honored that we will get to be a part of it.
What’s next? Now that the variance is done, our brewing applications have to go in.  TTB (federal license) should be off in a matter of weeks.  SLA (New York license) will be shortly thereafter.  We’ve got equipment to install, construction to begin and complete. We’ve still got a lot of tough decisions to make.  The fun is just starting really.  But it is fun.  Another day, another day closer to opening. 
We can’t wait for all of you to come and see us, and to see our brewery.  To everyone that has supported us so far – we thank you.  From the bottom of our growlers.