As was promised in our last blog post, we have brewed a bunch of (absolutely free! for you and me!) beer to taste.  And now: LET IT BE SERVED. 
First, we will be appearing at Cole’s on Elmwood on March 14th at 730pm.  We are very excited to appear here for two reasons: first, because it’s our first tasting at any of Elmwood’s bars – and, as we all know, Elmwood is one of Buffalo’s best areas to drink great craft beer; second, we frequently conduct business meetings here (y’know, since we don’t have a brewery yet), so it will be nice to drink our own beer here for once!  (of course, not that we mind partaking in Cole’s amazing selection...)
Second, we will be appearing at Pizza Plant on Transit on March 24th at 5pm.  We have been to both Pizza Plant locations with our beer before; and have had many a business meeting at the Walker location as well.  Note: Pizza Plant also happens to have an amazing selection of beers.  You already knew this.  Didn’t you?
We’ll be bringing (at least) three beers, all in the hoppy category: a Cali Common version of the hoppy pilsner we have brought to other tastings; our black IPA with a slightly more tropical hop profile; and a new IPA we’ve only brewed twice thus far.  We’ve only served it at Jack Astor’s, but the limited feedback we received was very favorable. 
Pretty much sums it up for us
There may be other events coming up as well: please follow us in the usual places for more info.  And also: be sure to check out (or dare I say... bookmark) the Events section of our website for updates on where we’ll be. 
There’s a bunch of other stuff we’ve been working on also:
1)      We are also getting ready to conduct a focus group.  It will basically entail us asking a group of strangers who they are, why they like beer, and then getting some formal feedback on what they think of our beer specifically.  We will probably even pull a Pepsi challenge and taste test one of our beers versus other commercially available beers.  Why are we doing this?  All in the name of better beer, of course!
2)      We also will tease you with this tidbit.  Would you be interested in a private tasting party with our beers?  Sure you would!  We will shortly announce a way for us to make that happen.  This will be a social media only event, so please refresh.  Often.
3)      Merch!  Steve has been designing shirts, and keychains, and stickers for us, oh my.  And we plan to have some (hopefully all) of these items available for you at the tastings above.  Take a look below – we think they’re pretty sharp looking.

Oh yeah.  We also happen to be trying to open a brewery, lest ye forget.  We visited Criveller in Niagara Falls, ON to look at potential brewing equipment; then took a drive over to Wilson, NY to meet with the guys at Woodcock Brothers, have a look at their brewery setup, have some lunch (wood-fired chicken wings? Mark me down for a hell yes) and some of their newest beers.  Please tell me you know who Woodcock Brothers are: WNY breweries unite! 
As you can see, we have been very active, especially for a business that’s not even open yet.  Imagine how busy we’ll be when we actually do open?  All this hard work hasn’t made us tired though: it only invigorates us.  We can barely wait.